Ruben Kruiper


Hi, I'm Ruben Kruiper

I am currently working on Legislature.AI a tracking tool for legislation that is uniquely focused on local governments. Our aim is for you to quickly understand the impacts of proposed legislative changes, and expand your local political horizon.

I get excited about creative projects and technology that aim to make the world a better place. Feel free to get in touch, either through LinkedIn or my email [firstname][lastname]!

  • Before co-founding Legislature.AI I researched Natural Language Processing applications in academia for 7+ years. In the past few years I specifically focussed on semantic parsing of building regulations. You can find more details and publications on the research topics I worked on below.
  • Named researcher on a 2yr grant to improve the accessibility of building regulations. I authored 5 peer-reviewed publications and published corresponding code. Topics included open-ended Information Extraction, Knowledge Graph generation and Information Retrieval.
  • Collaborated on long-term projects with domain-experts in biology, computer science, construction and more.
  • Designed and deployed machine learning models and rule-based algorithms to achieve practical tools. Adding value in small and specific domains, where LLMs underperform.


Intelligent Regulatory Compliance (I-ReC)
PhD on Computer-Aided Biomimetics
MsC project on Enhancing Digital Design Tools