Hi, I'm a postdoctoral researcher at Northumbria University in Newcastle. In my research I develop and apply Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools and methods for small, technical domains. Currently, I am working on Information Retrieval and a text-to-KnowledgeGraph tool, both within the domain of building legislation. The aim is to improve the way building regulations are accessed and provide new support tools for Compliance Checking.

My PhD research was on Computer-Aided Biomimetics. Here I applied NLP in support of a systematic approach to Biomimetics -- the solving of engineering problems through the abstraction, transfer and application of knowledge from biological models.

I enjoy working on complex/applied/interdisciplinary problems. And my background in Industrial Design Engineering has been helpful in communicating with biologists, architects, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and so on. Feel free to reach out on LinkedIn or ResearchGate!

Recent work:
• SPaR.txt - a cheap Shallow Parsing approach for Regulatory texts and code || data and code

Selected PhD work:
• In Layman’s Terms: Semi-Open Relation Extraction from Scientific Texts (published in ACL 2020) || Presentation July 2020
• A Scientific Information Extraction Dataset for Nature Inspired Engineering || data and code
• Towards a Design Process for Computer-Aided Biomimetics
• Knowledge Transfer Network presentation slides (February 2020)
• Knowledge Transfer Network presentation video (June 2019)

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