Enhancing Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools do not really support ideation, despite the importance of ideation to any design process. Rawshaping Technology (RST) proposes heuristic shape ideation to support creativity, intuition, tacit knowing and reflection-in-action. During this research project I investigated the possibility of developing a novel approach to 3-D modeling. Key features included real-time, bimanual 3-D interaction and the use of commercial-of-the-shelves components. The aim was to create a CAD tool that enables heuristic shape ideation. To explore how such a tool might influence the enjoyment of a design process, I conducted a set of cognitive, emotive, and haptic experiments.
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Research towards the interaction design of novel Computer-Aided Design tools. The aim is to support creativity during 3-D modeling. The approach we suggest and follow is to ease and speed up shape and form-finding during the creative early design stages.

> 📃 Paper (IDETC-CIE 2017)
> 📃 Paper (DESIGN 2016)